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kigumi vase

kigumi vase

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Item number: prsm0515

kigumi "vase"

5,000 yen

The warmth of nature brings out the flowers.

kigumi "vase"kigumi "vase"

A stylish flower pod made of cypress.

It fits well in Japanese and Western rooms, so you can feel the healing space in your room. If you reuse milk cartons that you always throw away, you can easily change the water and clean it.

POINTstylish woodenimage 2

The main body, which is carefully made in Japan, is made of wood (cypress) and is stylish and warm. The familiar appearance, while also giving it a luxurious feel, will blend in with any interior and create a stylish and relaxing space.

Fresh flowers or artificial flowersArtificial flowers, dried flowers, etc. can be decorated by inserting them as they are.using milk cartonsMilk carton processing methodfun with kids

An opportunity to enjoy life with flowers together.

By arranging and touching flowers with your child, it is recommended not only to get them interested in flowers, but also to develop their sensitivity and creativity!

pretty lidin case of emergency

The vase is made of wood, which is rare, so you don't have to worry about it breaking.

The side has a gentle design without corners, so it is a shape that is preferred by children and the elderly.

About wrappingattentionsizetypetype 2

We hope that this cypress vase that brings out the beauty of flowers will help you heal and decorate your room.

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Product name

kigumi "vase"


Width: 10.4cm
Depth: 10.4cm
Height: 21cm





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