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kigumi multi case (for children)

kigumi multi case (for children)

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kigumi "Kids Multi Case"

8,000 yen

Both moms and children can enjoy going out.
Starting now, mask habits.

kigumi special page

The Mask life that still continues. A kids type has appeared from kigumi's multi-case so that children can enjoy mask life even a little!
It comes with a cute mark that children will love, and it seems to help them get into the habit of wearing a mask in a fun way.
The warm and natural wood makes it a simple design that fits in with the interior, which is a great point for moms.
Both moms and children are perfect for infection, so why don't you go out with peace of mind?

A natural multi-case with cute acrylic bear and star marks.
With a motif that children will love, even children who don't like masks will enjoy wearing masks.

A simple box-shaped design that can be easily opened and closed by small children.
By feeling that you can do it yourself, you will gain one more confidence.
If the children enjoy wearing masks, they will be able to go out with peace of mind and have fun!

The simple design of acrylic and wood makes it easy to blend in with your interior even if you place it in your entryway or living room.
A very nice point for moms who want to be particular about the interior.
Also, if you have a mask case with your parent and child, your child will be happy to wear a mask with their favorite mom!

Highly transparent acrylic is used for the lid. The light reflected on the acrylic surface sparkles and makes the table even more beautiful.

The case is made of natural Japanese cypress. Each carefully crafted case is hand-finished by Japanese craftsmen with beautiful details. You can feel the warmth of people, and it is an eco-friendly product that can contribute to the SDGs in consideration of Japan's forest environment.

Masks come in direct contact with the skin, so care must be taken when handling them. Ideal for storage that is neat, hygienic and ready to go when you need it.


The Mask life that still continues. You may be able to make a habit of not forgetting your mask just by changing the storage from the child's perspective.

We would be happy if we could help mothers who want to protect their children from bacteria and viruses in their daily lives and their children to enjoy wearing masks as much as possible.

The multi-case for adult from this▼▼▼

kigumi special page

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Product name

kigumi "Kids Mask Case"

Notice of price revision

From July 1, 2022, we will revise the price due to soaring material prices. It's a bargain until the end of June.


Width: 21cm
Depth: 15cm
Height: 14.3cm




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