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kigumi portable key box

kigumi portable key box

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Item number: prsm0548

kigumi "Portable key box"

9,000 yen

Never forget!
Small belongings, this one.

This is a usage image of "portable key box".

Make the lifestyle of "portable key box" fashionable.

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The fixed position of the "portable key box" is decided.

A small toolbox with a hook for locking.
It comes with a pen stand and an acrylic box, so it can be used for various purposes not only in the entrance but also in the living room or on the counter.
The wooden box and integrated handle make it easy to carry around, so you can easily bring it to different rooms.

To prevent forgetting things together in one of the "portable key boxes".

Just take out the "portable key box" quickly.

Have you ever forgotten where you put your important small items and got lost before going out? First of all, it is important to put it in a fixed position to get rid of forgotten items!
You can save time looking for things by organizing and storing small items that you tend to forget, such as keys and watches.

You can carry the "portable key box" anywhere you like.

You can carry the whole "portable key box".

Where do you put your luggage when you get home? Isn't it each of you, such as the entrance, the living room, and the bedroom? Most common key boxes are placed at the entrance, but kigumi's key box is portable. You can carry it wherever you want.
Small items that tend to be placed separately, such as keys in the entrance, glasses in the bedroom, and smartphones in the living room, can be carried together to reduce the hassle of looking for them when you go out.

It is a familiar design of "portable key box".

It is a handwork by craftsmen of "portable key box".

The key box, which is carefully crafted one by one by craftsmen using Japanese cypress, has a warm and gentle design.
The warm texture of wood and the beautiful cypress wood will add a sense of luxury and sophistication to your room just by placing it in your room.

The "portable key box" is removable.

It is the size of the "portable key box".

According to the size of small items such as portable mini sanitizing sprays, notepads and remote controls, you can attach or remove the acrylic case and lay it out for ease of use.

It is the color of "portable key box".

It is an image of "portable key box".

It is an image of "portable key box".

When you go out, you can not only stylishly hang your keys, which you tend to forget, but you can also take the things you need to the rooms you need without leaving things unattended, which will surely make your life simpler and more efficient. It will be!

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Product Details

Product name

kigumi "portable key box"


Width: 16cm
Depth: 15cm
Height: 21.5cm
Body size: width 14 x depth 5.8 (same for left and right)
Acrylic case (pen holder): Width 7 x Height 11.5 (when box is inserted)
Acrylic case (BOX): Height 10 (when box is inserted) (approximate value in cm)




acrylic, cypress

Country of origin


Because of natural wood, there are individual differences such as scratches and dents.

Since this product uses natural wood, there may be differences in color and wood grain appearance depending on the product, and there may be unique spots or cracks. Please note that we cannot accept exchanges or returns due to differences in the image due to individual differences.


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