our prism
Original interior brand "Accent+"
It's a growing company.

"Add an accent to your life"
It was born in 2015 with the meaning of

Because it's convenient time
Through mass production and mass sales
You can easily get cheap and stylish things
I think every household is overflowing with the same things.

Would you like to add an accent to your life?

what we create
only available here
It's a special item that you won't find anywhere else.

More than just a visual design
Commitment to painting
Attention to detail
Commitment to quality
Commitment to a simple design that eliminates waste

These commitments
It creates a unique texture and taste that you won't find anywhere else.

Create what we can do ourselves
A professional process to aim for high quality
We have teamed up with a local company with technical capabilities.

Because each one is handmade unlike mass production
There is a limit to how many you can make at once.
We will deliver products with sincerity.

It's not just about making and selling good things
Because it is an online shop
So that you can shop with confidence
Planning, development, manufacturing, sales, packaging, and after-sales follow-up
We take care of each step carefully.

Before/After Purchase
If you have any concerns
Please feel free to contact us.

PRiSM staff
We will support you firmly.

"Accent+" for your life

Shop at Prism Online Shop
Please enjoy yourself.

* "A+" is a registered trademark of Prism Co., Ltd.