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Showcase with acrylic cover
Acrylic cover showcase 3 sizes
kigumi drip coffee set
kigumi cute flower stand vase
Stylish tissue case from kigumi
kigumi's fashionable plastic bag storage container
kigumi's stylish book stand

What's about "kigumi" ?

Make a sense of life fashionable
kigumi description

Kitchen kigumi that can be used in the kitchen

Discerning design

The "kigumi" series made from Japanese cypress has an original design that is both stylish and functional.
There are also items that combine acrylic with top-class transparency, making the kitchen bright and easy to use.

Showcase L size

(guaranteed) Showcase L size

Acrylic case S size

Acrylic case S

Acrylic case M size

acrylic case M

Stocker storage container

tidy and tidy. A stocker that you want to show off.

Doesn't it clear your mind when you see beautiful and tidy things?
With a beautiful, lean design stocker, you can enjoy storing and preserving anything.

Acrylic case L

Acrylic case L
For cutlery and condiments that you use every day.

Dividers for acrylic cases 2 sizes available

For acrylic cases, use partitions for a clean look

multi case

Mask storage to show multi-case

interior goods

Fashionable items

It becomes an interior that changes your daily life.
A kigumi that gives you the warmth of natural cypress.

Tissue case

Tissue case



Tissue case with book stand

Tissue case with book stand

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