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iron ladder rack

iron ladder rack

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A small and cluttered room is caused by putting things on the floor.

Ladder-shaped rack Piccola keeps clothes as it is,
Sometimes it is easy to store by simply hanging it using an S-shaped hook or hanger.

What do you do after you get home and take off your outerwear?

Outerwear that gets wet from rain or snow and clothes that have a lot of odors from outside are things you don't want to put in your house.

However, the frontage of the entrance is narrow, so it is necessary to hang clothes.
Hanger racks that require depth cannot be placed...

Ladder rack piccola shines in a limited space.

If you have a space of 10 cm and a wall, you can keep it at the entrance without taking up much space.

It's a ladder type with many hanging parts, so you can hang it wherever you like according to your height.

When sharing with a family, you can use it according to the stage.

I think there are some people who want to enjoy wall hanging decor but feel resistance to drilling holes in the wall.

If you use piccola, you can hang foliage plants and dried flowers
You can enjoy the wall interior by using the S-shaped hook to decorate the clock and picture frame.

Even if you dare not hang anything, it will accentuate the room and create an atmosphere.

The reason for this is the iron that has been made as thin as possible after repeated research.
This is because we have applied our original delicate coloring , which is the only one in the world .

The two-color coating changes its appearance depending on the light,
It will make your room look gorgeous.

There is an image that rust is attached to iron
Piccola has been processed to resist rust and paint peeling,
Completely welded so it can be used economically for a long time in any environment .

Iron = Gotsui = Choose a place
You may have that image, but it is extremely thin and with a special coating , it will fit in any place.

Product Details

Product name

Accent+ Iron Ladder Rack Piccola


Width: 30cm
Depth: 1cm
Height: 145.5cm


About 4 (kg)


Iron (powder coating)

Country of origin



finished product

please note

The color of the paint may vary depending on the production date and lot.
Since the irons are bent by hand, there may be some rattling, but if there is no problem in using it, it may be treated as a non-defective product. Thank you for your understanding.

Accent+ Iron Ladder Rack -Piccola-