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Many Regia (iron hanger rack width 70cm)

Many Regia (iron hanger rack width 70cm)

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Product number: prsm0008

Hanger rack Many Regia

20,000 Yen

familiar everywhere,
Create a comfortable space.

Fits neatly anywhere

A very thin and simple frame that makes the space look wider.

A clean line that cannot be achieved with thick pipe types or wooden types.
Because of this thinness, there is little information that catches the eye, creating a calm and comfortable space .

It's slim enough to blend in, so it doesn't interfere with other interiors.

I am familiar with the place without breaking the image of the room in any environment.

Enjoy showable storage

A calm room is a place where you want to stay forever.
In order to create such a place, you want to prepare it with your favorite items.

Even if you don't bring in new furniture, Many Regia will become an interior with your favorite clothes.

Anything works great.

Because the line is thin, it makes the things you hang look beautiful .

▼ Click here for optional shelves sold separately

Move freely according to the situation

It is light enough to be lifted by a single woman, and can be used flexibly at any time.

As a coat rack in winter.

Use as a temporary clothesline on rainy days or in the summer when there is a lot of laundry.

It is also ideal for custody when a customer sees you.

Because I want you to use it forever.

Many Regia is recommended for those who want to hang a lot of their favorite clothes and want to show them off.

And I want you to feel comfortable every day.
It's your own precious space, so spend a relaxing time with your favorite items.
I would be happy if Regia could help you with your favorite space.


low line rack ▼ low rack
low line rack hanger rack
Can be combined with a hanger rack or used alone.

Product Details

Width: 70cm
Depth: 32cm
Height: 145.5cm
Weight: 3.6kg
Iron (powder coating)
Country of origin
finished product