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iron diagonal hanger rack

iron diagonal hanger rack

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Product number: prsm0009

Accent+ hanger rack "Slant"

18,000 yen

Storage furniture that replaces a closet, a hanger rack.
Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have hung a lot of clothes?

Also, the best slant for storing clothes that you don't wash right away or outerwear that you take off after coming home from outside.
You may be reluctant to put clothes that have odors or moisture from the outside in your closet.
The evenly spaced width allows air to pass through, so hygiene is also safe.
Slant supports "you with a clean feeling".

In order to use the hanger rack stylishly, it is necessary to adjust the uniformity while hanging the clothes.
Just hang without thinking! The slanted structure makes it look natural and clean.

Since the number to be multiplied is decided, there is no "too much multiplication and mess",
By narrowing down the number, you can determine the clothes you really need.
When was the last time you wore clothes that didn't hang up your slant?
Slant helps to get rid of unnecessary clothes,
You can make your room more tidy.

The two-color coating changes its appearance depending on the light,
It will make your room look gorgeous. Iron has an image of rust, but the slant has been processed to resist rust and paint peeling.
Completely welded so it can be used economically for a long time in any environment.

I think there is an image that iron = rugged = choosing a place, but it is extremely thin and with a special coating, it will fit in any place.
The paint is rust-resistant, so you can use it as a temporary place for clothes that get wet in the rain.

Note: Although it is a rust-resistant paint, it does not guarantee that it will never rust.


Product Details

Product name

hanger rack slant


Width: 32cm
Depth: 37cm
Height: 145cm


Steel (powder coating)


With scratch prevention felt

Country of origin



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