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Mini Regia (Iron Hanger Rack Short)

Mini Regia (Iron Hanger Rack Short)

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hanger rack
A+ mark

Product number: prsm0032

Hanger rack Mini Regia

19,000 yen

familiar everywhere,
Create a comfortable space. coat hanger

Dressing your child

Supports getting into the habit of changing clothes.

Height is 92cm.
A mini legia that looks like a child's eyes when they start to change clothes by themselves.
Mini Regia helps your child become independent .

The room is neat because there is no feeling of pressure.

Bookshelves, storage space for toys, etc., your child's room will be cramped with storage.
Thin line mini legias are perfect for making your room look neater.

You can put it diagonally in the corner of the room like this, so you can have a free layout .

Effective use of space

Are you running out of closet space?

Mini Regia can be used as a double tier because it is a size that can be placed in the empty space under the closet or the upper level of the closet.

You can prevent dust from hanging by putting it in the closet.
It is also recommended for low places such as lofts.

Also works well in the laundry room.

Mini Regia that lives in narrow spaces.
It can also be used as a bath towel rack.

Make what you want to show more beautiful

A general hanger rack can hang long items, but the Mini Regia is only for short items.
Limiting the clothes you can hang means you look better.
When the items you want to hang are squeezed, the clothes stand out and you can guide your eyes .

It is also recommended as store fixtures and event fixtures for stores that emphasize creating an atmosphere.

Because I want you to use it forever.

Even if there is only one entrance for the purpose, there are many ways to use the mini regia.

In addition to the design that you can use for a long time, you can rest assured of high quality.
I would be happy if it became an item that you can spend every day comfortably.


Many Regia

Standard hanger rack with different height from Mini Regia

low line rack

Placed under the hanger rack, it can be used in two stages.

Product Details

Width: 70cm Depth: 32cm Height: 92cm
About 3 (kg)
Iron (powder coating)
Country of origin
finished product
please note
The color of the paint may vary depending on the production date and lot.
Since the irons are bent by hand, there may be some rattling, but if there is no problem in using it, it may be treated as a non-defective product. Thank you for your understanding.

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