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iron wagon

iron wagon

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Item number: prsm0048

3-tier wagon "Tresica"

33,000 yen

Offering the highest level of hospitality with a captivating performance

You can't stop feeling excited even before it's brought to you! Seeing the food being served in front of you, you can almost hear the voices of the women saying, "Wow, that looks delicious!"

Beautifully arranged food is visually appealing. With Tresca, you can provide dishes with the maximum possible production, just like a stage.

You can see the difference by comparing

By intentionally eliminating the handles that are common in wagons, there are no unnecessary decorations and the charm of the items you carry is maximized.

The wide and flat top plate allows you to use the wagon to the fullest without worrying about the shape of the handles or plates. The impression when it is carried is also gorgeous.


Product Details

Product name

3 Tier Wagon Tresica


Width: 56cm
Depth: 40cm
Height: 76cm


10 kg


iron (powder coating), cypress

Country of origin



Accent+ Iron Wagon Simple Stylish Three Tier Kitchen Wagon Kitchen Rack with Casters Workbench Serving Stand Side Wagon Wagon Table Auxiliary Table Restaurant Restaurant Store Fixtures Finished Product Kitchen Storage Cooking Store Fixtures