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7 umbrella stands

7 umbrella stands

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Item number: prsm0058

7 Umbrella Stand "Bloom 7-bloom7-"

13,000 yen

Flower vase-like umbrella stand

Umbrella stand 3 colors

With a simple design that was unlikely,

Although it is made of iron, it has an elegant impression rather than being rugged.

Umbrella stand

Just by placing this umbrella stand, your entrance and eaves will be a step up.

Even though it can store 7 sticks, the space required is minimal.

Umbrella stand

Umbrellas do not get entangled with each other, and there is no height

It is a happy miscalculation that both adults and children can easily take out.

Umbrella stand

The center of gravity is low and it is heavy, so it won't fall over even if it hits a little!

Even if it tilts, it can be restored like a Daruma doll thanks to its round shape.

Umbrella stand that won't fall over

white umbrella stand

bronze umbrella stand

black umbrella stand

size of umbrella stand


Product Details

Product name

7 Umbrella Stand "Bloom 7-bloom7-"


Width: 21cm
Depth: 21cm
Height: 26cm




Iron (powder coating)

Country of origin


catch copy

An umbrella stand that looks like a vase


Umbrella Stand, Stylish, Slim, Space Saving, Iron, White, Bronze, Black, Width 21, Umbrella Stand, Rain Rack, Umbrella Holder, Umbrella Stand, Made in Japan, Finished Product, Elegant, High Quality, For 7 Pieces, Simple, Not Falling Down