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Iron Bicycle Stand Smart X

Iron Bicycle Stand Smart X

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Iron bicycle stand smart X (for general vehicles)

"Iron bicycle stand" 1
"Iron bicycle stand" 2"Iron bicycle stand" 3
"Iron bicycle stand" 2 "Iron bicycle stand" 2
"Iron bicycle stand" 3"Iron bicycle stand" 3 "Iron bicycle stand" 3

The welded part (the part where the rod and plate are joined) has undergone a special rust-free process.

"Iron bicycle stand" 3

We are small, but we are working on the revival of Japanese manufacturing.
The production of a strong main body, the durable coating, and the sturdy cardboard packaging have all been developed by working together with local companies to improve and improve.
Please experience the high performance unique to Japan.

"Iron bicycle stand" 3 "Iron bicycle stand" 3"Iron bicycle stand" 3"Iron bicycle stand" 3

Q and A

SMART-X series

Please choose by bicycle.
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Please check each color of SMART-X again. Link to bike stand on ptsm0063
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Product Details


Width: 22cm
Depth: 51.8cm
Height: 37.5cm


about 12kg


Iron (powder coating)

Country of origin


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Precautions for use

*There is a possibility of overturning if the stand's holding capacity is exceeded due to strong winds. Please take this into consideration when installing.
* Because it is dangerous, please place it on a gentle flat surface without inclination when installing it.
* Bicycles with a high center of gravity, such as those with children's chairs, may tip over, so please check that they are stable after installation.
*In the case of electric bicycles , the size of the wheels and width of the vehicle is irregular, so please check the appropriate size before purchasing. In the unlikely event that incompatibility is found at the time of arrival, please do not force yourself to use it and feel free to contact us.

from the person in charge

All of our products are made with the help of local companies.
This product is finished with the highest quality, including the quality of the base iron plate, pretreatment before painting, welding level, and unique paint, so you can see the difference when you use it for a long time.
There are similar products on the market, but they may rust quickly due to low quality iron plates, simple welding and invisible parts.
We recommend this product that you can use for the rest of your life.

iron bicycle stand

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