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airy towel hanger free

airy towel hanger free

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Good ventilation [Airy towel hanger]

Is there anything more important than how quickly it dries?

I gave top priority to the ease of drying, and made it a wide interval.
The bath towel I used was...
・Wash immediately after using ・Use and dry once before washing ・Use several times before washing, etc.

There are differences in each living environment, but it is a towel that touches the skin directly, so it is a point to be concerned about whether it is drying comfortably.

General indoor towel hangers, which prioritize storage, have narrow intervals, which slows down drying. If it dries slowly, it will spread and cause unpleasant odors.

We wanted to prevent the growth of bacteria as much as possible and to use it in a clean state, so we created a towel hanger that prioritizes ease of drying.

It's nice to be able to dry a lot of towels, but it's hard to dry if the space is small. In order to use it in a clean state, it is very important that wet things dry quickly. That's why I took a lot of space so that it would be well ventilated.

I do not choose the place by a simple design

A towel hanger is one of the interior items that gives a sense of life. But I want to use the hanger day and night because I use it every day. I chose a simple design with a thin frame so that it would blend in with the interior.

A clean frame with a 1 cm iron!

Even when the thin frame is out, it does not feel out of place with the room, and its presence is not a concern.
Blends in with other interiors when not in use. So there is no folding function.

Side-free for smooth removal from the side

You can easily insert it from either the left or the right. It is surprisingly easier to put in and take out from the side rather than hanging the towel from the top. Since there is no side frame, you can use large bath towels without worrying about drying.

Lifetime durability

It is not a mass-produced product. A craftsman carefully handmade it with all my heart.
No screws or bolts are used, and the main body is completely integrated and firmly welded, so there is no looseness that is common in assembled or folded products. Economical because it can be used for a long time. Even if it looks thin, it's a solid towel hanger!

It's a finished product, so there's no need for troublesome assembly! It's ready to use the day it arrives!

Original color with solid coating


Before the detailed size... the size is about this.

Product Details

size Width: 70cm
Depth: 32cm
Height: 88cm
weight Weight: 4.2kg
Material Iron (powder coating)
Country of origin Japan
assembly finished product
please note The color of the paint may vary depending on the production date and lot.
Since the irons are bent by hand, there may be some rattling, but if there is no problem in using it, it may be treated as a non-defective product. Thank you for your understanding.