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Iron bicycle stand Smart X for electric bicycles

Iron bicycle stand Smart X for electric bicycles

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SMART-X -For large size-

Electric bicycles weigh 25 to 30 kg, which is heavier than regular cars.
This is a bike stand that is wider than the normal model and has a sense of stability so that it does not fall over, which is expensive.

supported by the weight of iron

Other stands are lightweight or not fixed to the ground, but this one is made of iron and weighs 12 kg.
Because the weight can firmly support the front wheel, the sense of stability is amazing.

Specialized for horizontal sway

The width is wider than the conventional Smart X bicycle stand (part number: prsm0063) so that it does not fall over when a cross wind blows.
Still, it is 26 cm wide and slim and can be placed neatly.

On the stand with heavy luggage on it.

Since it is a heavy stand that stabilizes the front wheel, even if you park the bicycle with shopping bags in the front basket, the steering wheel will not be taken off.

When parking a bicycle with a child seat.

Among electric bicycles, the one with a child chair is very heavy, and the impact is large if it falls over.
With this stand, you can safely park your bike outdoors.

For those who park their bike next to their car.

If you put your bicycle next to your car and it falls over due to wind or impact, the car will be damaged and the shock and expense will be great. Prevent this before it happens.

When you want to arrange multiple bicycles.

The Smart X series comes in a wide variety of sizes, large, medium and small, and the stand can be moved, so you can arrange them freely.
Multiple bicycles can be freely arranged according to the size, number of bicycles, and shape of the garage.

"Iron bicycle stand" 3

The welded part (the part where the rod and plate are joined) has undergone a special rust-free process.

We are small, but we are working on the revival of Japanese manufacturing.
The production of a strong main body, the durable coating, and the sturdy cardboard packaging have all been developed by working together with local companies to improve and improve.
Please experience the high performance unique to Japan.

"Iron bicycle stand" 3

SMART-X series
Please choose by bicycle.
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Product Details


Width: 26cm
Depth: 45cm
Height: 38cm


about 12kg


Iron (powder coating)

Country of origin


iron bike stand for electric bike

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