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Partition TATTA desktop antibacterial coating

Partition TATTA desktop antibacterial coating

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Item number: prsm0112

Partition TATTA "no window"

8,000 yen

We provide an environment where both workers and customers can smile.

The splash shield is majikiri TATTA

Splashes can enter any crevice. The partition tatta does not create gaps, so it blocks droplets without leaking. Therefore, both workers and customers can live their daily lives with peace of mind. Corona enters through gaps.

Antibacterial is majikiri TATTA

Nanoha majikiri TATTA is a PET plate instead of an acrylic plate

The partition tatters are connected with the "new idea! Magnet sheet". Being able to freely layout according to the place! And "majikiriTATTA" is the only one that can prevent splashes without any gaps no matter how many sheets are connected.

majikiri TATTA for pet boards

majikiri TATTA for PET plates

PET plates can be washed off with household detergents. In addition, since the frame part is "antibacterially coated", it is possible to maintain a hygienic environment in places where food and drink are provided, hospitals, dentists, and other places that come into direct contact with the body and mouth.

Corona measures are majikiri TATTA

Majikiri TATTA even at an izakaya

Eating and drinking majikiri TATTA

Solid block with magnet sheet and antibacterial paint! After all, the last one is majikiri TATTA

majikiri TATTA for coronavirus measures

Since majikiri TATTA is an iron frame, it is connected by magnets.

Since majikiri TATTA is an iron frame, it is connected by magnets.

Product Details

Product name

Partition TATTA "no window" Compatible with household detergents! Antibacterial paint!


Width: 45.5cm
Depth: 15cm
Height: 60cm


Frame: Steel Panel: PET board

Country of origin


Product name

Partition TATTA "no window" Compatible with household detergents! Antibacterial paint!

Product group

anti Virus

catch copy

Partition Tatta is the only partition that does not leak droplets with a magnetic sheet.


1. It can be cleaned with household detergent. 2. 3. Firmly supported by an iron frame. 4. Can be replaced with or without holes. Easy installation (no assembly)5. Any number of sheets can be connected in a free layout (connection sheets are available)


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For those who

1. I want to take measures against splashes in the service industry such as eating and drinking. 2. I want to take measures against splashes without stress. 3. I want to use it to increase sales. 4. I want to have a free layout, either alone or in combination, according to the situation. 5. I want to use it for a long time.


● This "no window" product uses a PET panel. Common acrylic panels cannot be used with alcohol-based detergents and are prone to cracking due to shocks, but PET panels are resistant to detergents and impacts, and can overcome the weaknesses of acrylics. Same as PET bottles. ● Antibacterial coating is applied to the frame. And since the frame is made of iron, it can be firmly connected at any angle using the magnetic force of the magnet sheet. ● There is a meaning in having a frame. With only the clear panel, there is a risk of "collision" in people with weak eyesight or in places with low lighting, but with the frame, you can be aware of the presence of the panel and "collision prevention" is possible. It is also a safety measure.

from the person in charge

All of our products are made with the help of local companies. Due to the coronavirus infection, I felt very sorry for the fact that "manufacturing Japan" could not manufacture a single mask in a short period of time, even though the lives of the people were in danger. The reason is that we have relied on cheap overseas manufacturing considering only the cost. Space technology is also important, but I feel that it is a problem that things necessary for daily life cannot be produced in Japan immediately. All made by local companies. I would like to continue to revitalize domestic manufacturing.