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10 umbrella stands

10 umbrella stands

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Product number: prsm0115

10 consecutive umbrella stands "bloom10-Bloom 10"

28,000 yen

Beautiful eaves even on rainy days

The eaves of the shop, the entrance of the house.
How are folding umbrellas stored on rainy days?
Many people have folding umbrellas, but it's hard to find an umbrella stand that can hold them.
This "Bloom 10" is perfect for making the eaves look neat and attractive!

Umbrella stand that can hold 10 umbrellasIt's a waste to have an umbrella stand lying around carelesslyFolding umbrella can also stand firmlyInner diameter about 9cmEliminates friction between umbrellasUmbrellas do not catch each otherIt can hold 10 sticks, so it is useful in shops.It can hold 10 bottles, so it is useful in a share house.Outstanding stabilityScratch-resistant and rust-resistantStylish large-capacity umbrella standStylish large-capacity umbrella stand

We also have our brand's original umbrella stand.
Please take a look!


Product Details

Product name

10 consecutive umbrella stands "bloom10-Bloom 10"


Height: 25cm
Diameter: 28cm




Steel (powder coating)

Country of origin



Elegant Iron White Bronze Black Umbrella Rack Umbrella Rack Umbrella Holder Eaves Storage Entrance Storage Organize

in a place like this

Homes with many families, share houses, cafes, restaurants, apparel shops, salons, companies, offices, etc.

from the person in charge

I once thought that on a rainy day, the storefront of a stylish cafe was overflowing with customers' umbrellas. No matter how wonderful things are prepared in the shop, if the entrance is complicated, people will avoid it. If you put this umbrella stand, the customer will naturally fold the umbrella and put it in, and the folding umbrella, which is generally leaned against the wall or laid on the ground, can be stored neatly, so you can use it in the rain. The storefront will look neat and tidy even during the day. Please consider it once!