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Toilet Paper Stand (Toilet TATTA)

Toilet Paper Stand (Toilet TATTA)

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Item number: prsm0117

Paper Stand Toilet TATTA

15,000 yen

visible toilet paper storage

[Storage to show]
The stock of toilet paper is tidy if you can't see it, but before you know it, the stock is zero! It's hard when you say Isa! That's where the visible storage "Toilet TATTA" comes into play. You can check the stock at any time by beautifully stocking the toilet paper.

Color paper shines

If you feel that the toilet is narrow and dark, please try this "Toilet TATTA". I tried to create a mysterious design that I have never seen before with the image of "flowers blooming in the toilet". Please use it to improve your luck by keeping the toilet bright and clean.

cleaning the toilet

[It can be stored in a gap of about 10 cm in width]
The feature of our TATTA series is that it can be installed in a small space without taking up extra space because it stands with the weight of iron. Paper stock can be stored even in toilets that do not have enough storage space. There is a gap between the papers, so you can store it comfortably even in a small space.

If you look at the toilet, you can see the back of the person's personality and mind

[For those who value the interior]
White paper is also gorgeous, but recently there are also colorful papers, so it seems that you can coordinate your toilet more stylishly. Although it is not designed for functionality, we hope that you will enjoy using it as a playful piece of furniture in a small space that is only used for resting.
In addition, roll paper that can be used as much as necessary for "dirt" and "spills" that tissue paper cannot catch up with when placed around the kitchen is useful. This product is stylish and fun to stock in your kitchen or living room.

There's nothing worse than running out of paper when you need to go to the toilet.

If God exists in the toilet, it might be Toilet TATTA!

The toilet is a sacred place for good luck

According to feng shui, it is said that bad luck tends to accumulate in the "water area" such as the toilet if it is not kept clean. Therefore! We hope that the toilet TATTA will make you smile, feel relieved, and make you want to clean. In addition, it is said that "foliage plants" are good to prevent bad luck from accumulating.
On the other hand, NG points in the toilet include "mail and phone", "smoking", "books and newspapers", "calendar", "photograph", and "black items" in the toilet. That's why I recommend "white" in the toilet. May the toilet TATTA be your goddess of luck!

TOTO toilets are popular, but TATTA toilets do not require construction and can be placed in a small space.

If you are thinking of remodeling your toilet, we recommend installing a toilet TATTA.

It is not recommended to use a toilet that is also used as a bath.

Toilet TATTA is recommended after toilet construction or renovation.

【please note! ]
Although it is rust-resistant, it is basically an iron product and is not waterproof. Therefore, please refrain from using it in a unit bath with a bath and toilet set.

Toilet TATTA is a toilet paper holder or toilet paper stocker.

You can set deodorant etc. at the bottom.

For those who often use roll paper in the living room, such as those with rhinitis, pets, and small children, you can stock it as an interior decoration.


Product Details

Product name

Toilet TATTA


Width: 26cm
Depth: 10.5cm
Height: 70.5cm




Steel (powder coating)

Country of origin


catch copy

Smart and gorgeous stock


1. Extremely slim, only 10.5cm
2. Good height for easy removal
3. Gorgeous by showing "daringly"


Slim Toilet Rack, Toilet Stocker, Stylish, Simple, Space Saving, Roll Paper Storage, Deodorant Holder, Air Freshener Holder, Black, Bronze, White, Black, White, Iron