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Mini scarecrow (iron T-shaped hanger rack short)

Mini scarecrow (iron T-shaped hanger rack short)

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Product number: prsm0119

T-shaped Hanger Rack Mini KaKaShi -Mini Kakashi-

19,000 yen

Hanger rack mini scarecrow

Prepare to go out with a mini scarecrow

When I was a child, I couldn't decide on my own because there were too many choices, and it was hard to prepare in the morning because I brought out a mysterious combination. Dare to prepare only the bare minimum and practice "changing clothes by yourself"!

A mini scarecrow to prepare for going to kindergarten and school

A mini scarecrow for tidying up practice

A mini scarecrow for hanging clothes for pets and people in wheelchairs

A hanger rack that can be placed at the entrance

It's a waste just to use it in the living room or children's room! Space-saving mini scarecrows are also useful at the entrance.

Mini scarecrow to temporarily put soaking wet clothes

Hanger rack perfect for children's raincoats and umbrellas

Kappa and umbrella size guide

Mini scarecrow for storing small items and virus protection

We also have mini scarecrows and scarecrows in different sizes!
Please take a look! ↓↓↓

hanger rack color

Hanger rack resistant to scratches and rust

hanger rack size


Product Details

Product name

Hanger rack "Mini KaKaShi"


Width: 47cm
Depth: 30cm
Height: 98cm




Steel (powder coating)


With scratch prevention felt

Country of origin


catch copy

Gently watch over your child's growth


Iron Hanger Rack Bronze Black Black White White Children's Room Small Storage Simple Compact Pet Clothes For Clothes Kindergarteners Preparing for Kindergarten Preparing for Kindergarten Change of Clothes Education Education 2 Years Old 3 Years Old 4 Years Old 5 Years Old 6 Years Old Wheelchair Interior Wheelchair Interior

from the person in charge

When my child passed the age of 2, he suddenly began to speak various words and imitate what his parents did.
I want him to do whatever he wants, except for dangerous things, but he uses dangerous things that he doesn't want me to touch or things that I don't normally think are dangerous, so in the end I'm the one who gets involved. is often
In the meantime, I wanted to make something that would help children grow on their own, even if just a little, and this product was completed.
It has a simple and slightly elegant design that will blend in with your interior even after your child grows up.
We hope that the mini scarecrow will be useful for families with or without small children!

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