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iron pet water stand

iron pet water stand

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Item number: prsm0169

pet water stand

for your beloved pets.

Are you worried about whether your pets are properly hydrated while you are away?
It is an item water stand that helps pets create an environment where they can drink water at any time!

A stand that allows you to attach a water dispenser (sold separately) without a cage or circle.
Sturdy, self-supporting and easy to install anywhere you like. It's free standing so you can move it anywhere.
You can keep the water clean even when you are away.

When I came home from work, the water in the plate was gone,
If you come home a little late, you'll be in big trouble... Don't you think?
Especially in hot weather, pets are worried and can't enjoy going out.
With a water stand, you'll never run out of water.

How to install water supply (sold separately)


Product Details

Product name

pet water stand


[Stand] (Approx.) Width 120 x Depth 180 x Height 453 (mm)


Iron (powder coating)

Country of origin



Iron Frame Pet Water Stand Water Supply Stand Pet Watering Dog Cat Waterer Stand Mounting Stand Pet Drinking Water Stand Simple Cool Fashionable Iron White White Handmade Handmade Made in Japan Accent+ Accent Plus A+ Aplus Nagoya Interior Prism Eye Project prism i project Finished Product

For those who

Recommended for those who want their precious pets to be able to get water anywhere.

Description of item

A stand that allows you to attach a water dispenser (sold separately) without a cage or circle.
It is made of iron and is fashionable, so it does not spoil the atmosphere of the room.


A stand for small dogs, medium-sized dogs, and cats. Not suitable for large dogs.
*Please note that the water dispenser is not included.