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Radio Clock Children's Chemistry Series Aquarium

Radio Clock Children's Chemistry Series Aquarium

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Item number: prsm0175

Radio-controlled clock "Children's Shumi" Series -Suizokukan-

18,000 yen

fish educational clock

electric wave educational clock

Watch learning troubles

interested in watches

Make your watch familiar

reduce anxiety

The point of the educational clock

Educational clock performance

Educational clock performance

Educational clock performance

Educational clock performance

educational clock size

Unable to receive radio waves WarrantyAbout wrappingRadio clock precautions

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Product Details

Product name

"Radio Clock Suizokukan (Children's Chemistry Series)"


Depth: 5cm
Diameter: 30cm




MDF cowhide acrylic other


Preparing for school Watch learning kids clock with second hand quiet quiet early childhood education toddler kindergartener preschooler elementary school student wall clock wall clock education children's clock children's center children's center aquarium sea creatures marine life garden eel killer whale stingray dolphin crab clownfish shark turtle puffer fish sunfish octopus seahorse clione crab Crab Shark Turtle Turtle Fugu Fugu Octopus Octopus SKP Movement Kurokids Children's hobby Children's hobbies

For those who

Birthday gifts for children and grandchildren, baby gifts, Shichigosan celebrations. Go to nurseries, kindergartens, children's centers, and other places where children are in the prime of learning.

Description of item

An educational clock with a motif of sea creatures that children love. It's quiet and suitable for bedrooms, and the time is accurate because it's a radio clock.