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large wall clock sushi

large wall clock sushi

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Item number: prsm0182

large wall clock sushi

15,000 yen

large wall clock sushi

A large wall clock with a sushi motif!

large wall clock sushi

large wall clock sushi

This watch is a large watch with a diameter of about 60 cm.
It has an impact when hung on the wall and is easy to see even from a distance.

large wall clock sushi

The dial of the wood grain sheet makes the sushi stand out.
If you look closely, the scale of salmon roe is designed inside and it is cute!
It is an original design that pays attention to details such as chopstick needles.

large wall clock sushi

There are 12 types of sushi ingredients. Illustrations such as fatty tuna, tuna, and salmon roe are realistic and delicious. Colorful and brightens the room.

large wall clock sushi

large wall clock sushi

Recommended for sushi restaurants, inns and restaurants with many foreign guests.
Even if you see it in Japan, it will catch the eye of the store with an unusual design that you have never seen before!

Large wall clock Sushi size image

Large wall clock Sushi detail image

A+ mark


Warranty Large watch feature

Educational clock Large wall clock Educational clock 1

Product Details

Product name

large wall clock sushi


Depth: 40mm
Diameter: 605mm




MDF cowhide other

Country of origin



The mechanical part of the watch is the sweep movement.

compatible battery

AA x 1 (batteries included)

Description of item

A sushi clock with a sushi motif instead of numbers.
Big size with a diameter of 60 cm and a big impact!
It is an original product designed with attention to details such as the wood grain dial, salmon roe scales, and chopstick needles.

For those who

As a wall clock for a sushi restaurant As a souvenir for foreign travelers As a souvenir for homestays


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