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Wall Clock Colorful French 30cm

Wall Clock Colorful French 30cm

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"Wall Clock Colorful French"

15,500 yen

Wall clock CLOCKids 30cm

An educational clock for children of the digital generation

Children today are using smartphones and tablets.
Such children have fewer opportunities to look at analog clocks,
You may run the risk of becoming someone who can't read an analog clock.

First of all, by teaching children how to read an analog clock,
Since your child will be able to acquire a sense of time,
Clockids, an educational clock, is recommended for clock education.

The numbers and scale are the same color for easy identification.

The color of the scale is the same as the number, so you can intuitively know the position the needle is pointing to because it is the color.
It is difficult to teach children theoretically in words,
I hope this helps you understand how clocks work.

The color of the needle is 3 colors with clear colors.

The contrast with the dial is also clear, making it easy to see even from a distance.
If all the hands of the watch are the same color, it will be difficult for children to see and understand the difference, so this makes it easier to teach and understand from a child's perspective!

It's fashionable, so it's an educational clock that can be displayed in the living room.

Unlike general educational clocks, illustrations and hiragana are not included,
Scandinavian design that is not too childish.
In addition, it is not too big, so you can decorate it in your living room.
You can use it for a long time even if your child grows up.

Considering the safety of homes with children, the front of the watch is made of durable acrylic that won't break like glass!
When actually telling the time, even if you hold it in your hand, you do not touch the hands directly, so it is safe.

[From the staff]
It is an educational clock that is designed to be easy for children to see and to learn the time.

The colorful clock is easy for children to see,
Clock learning is fun and progresses.
It is also ideal for creating parent-child communication, so please use it.
【I recommend this hotel! ]
As a baby gift or birthday gift for families with children As a wall clock for nursery schools and facilities

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Product Details

Product name

Wall Clock Kuro Kids Colorful French


Diameter: 30cm
Depth: 5cm






Domestic SKP sweep movement continuous second hand


Manual, wood screw, 1 AA battery

Country of origin


please note

*Because it is handmade, there may be individual differences such as needle distortion, uneven coating, and uneven application.
*When attaching to the wall, please use the appropriate screws for each wall.


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