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Tissue case with kigumi book stand

Tissue case with kigumi book stand

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Item number: prsm0509

kigumi "Tissue case with book stand"

9,000 yen

limited desk space
effective use!

kigumi "Tissue case with book stand"kigumi "Tissue case with book stand"made in Japan

Storage space above tissues

A tissue box that takes up space unexpectedly even though you want to put it in a place where you can use it immediately. By daring to turn it sideways, you can effectively utilize the top of the tissue. The partition plate is a plug-in type, so the layout is free. A cypress tissue case with a gentle warmth of wood.

POINTEffective use of tissue

Doesn't it take up a lot of space when you put a tissue?

Effective use of the upper part by laying the tissue outlet sideways. Small documents and books can also be placed on the tissue, so you can smartly clean up in a limited space.

Effective use of space by gathering storage space in one place.

The living room, dining table, and desk area that tends to be cluttered will be neat and tidy. By making effective use of the tissue top, you can create a spacious space.

The same space gives a clean impressionGentle texture of natural wood Warm and comfortable. Hinoki texture

The fine and gentle wood texture makes you feel relieved and calm. The wood is moderately hard and lightweight, making it a safe and secure material that is gentle on children.

Freedom to enjoy the layout

The partition plate of the book stand is a plug-in type, so the layout is free. You can increase or decrease the number of dividers according to the place of use and the interior.

Layout example 1Layout example 2

While hiding the feeling of life, it combines interior design and practicality that blends in with the space.

Easy replacement

About wrappingattentionsizeKIGUMI's tissue case with a book stand that is both visually appealing and easy to use.

KIGUMI's tissue case with a book stand that is both visually appealing and easy to use. While making effective use of dead space, it gives kindness and warmth to the space.

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Product Details

Product name

kigumi "Tissue case with book stand"


Width: 34cm
Depth: 16.2cm
Height: 32cm




Japanese cypress Other

please note

・Since this product emphasizes the design, please do not place too heavy objects on it.


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