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★ kigumi showcase M size

★ kigumi showcase M size

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Item number: prsm0517

kigumi "Showcase M size"

9,900 yen

Bring a lot of smiles to your customers.
A showcase that conveys your thoughts.

Accent+ "kigumi showcase M size"This page is for showcase M sizeA showcase that conveys the true charmThree points of the showcase that conveys the charmDesign that complements the showcase

A warm showcase that uses natural wood accents in an inorganic image acrylic case. The natural atmosphere not found in other showcases enhances the space.

Commitment to complement the cake in the showcase

It has the same transparency as glass, which is not found in other plastic resins. In addition, the way the acrylic reflects light and sparkles makes the inside of the showcase even more beautiful.

Hinoki is used for showcase plates

The plates are made of natural cypress to add a sense of luxury! The natural texture of natural wood and kigumi's stylish engraving will further enhance the interior of the showcase.

Keep the beauty of the cake in the showcase

Splashes and insects on food and dust on products detract from their taste, beauty and hygiene. Hygiene management is an important point to keep the original charm.

A 360-degree showcase that can be seen from anywhereA showcase that can be easily opened and closed with one handLighter than glass, so even women can open and close easilyShowcase can be used in such placesEven in such a place 2attentionshowcase careA showcase that brings out the charm of the cake kigumi showcase series

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Product Details

Product name

"kigumi showcase M size"


Width: 43cm
Depth: 18.2cm
Height: 20cm


acrylic cypress

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