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kigumi first shoe case

kigumi first shoe case

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Item number: prsm0520

kigumi "First shoe case"


Every time I look at it, I love it,
Special first shoes case.

In Europe, there is a legend that happiness will come if you display your first shoes at the entrance.

A display case that beautifully displays the cute memories of toddlers forever.

Why don't you decorate the shoes that your child wore when they first walked as a lifetime keepsake?

A stylish and luxurious design that can be placed anywhere. The gentle material of natural wood creates warmth in the interior.

Highly transparent acrylic is used for the lid. The light reflected on the surface of the acrylic glitters and decorates the first shoes beautifully.

Japanese natural wood cypress is used for the base. Each carefully crafted case is hand-finished by Japanese craftsmen with beautiful details. You can feel the warmth of people, and it is an eco-friendly product that can contribute to the SDGs in consideration of Japan's forest environment.

By using a case, you can protect it from dust and dirt and keep it in a more beautiful state.

We can engrave your child's date of birth and name on the base for free. By engraving, you can cherish it as a wonderful display with a special feeling.


The first shoes when your precious child walks for the first time,

I want to keep it carefully and cleanly as it was then.

The joy and happiness of the whole family by displaying it so that it can be seen every day

I hope you can feel close to it without fading.

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Product name

kigumi "first shoes case"


Width: 16.5cm
Depth: 16.5cm
Height: 17.5cm




Hinoki Acrylic Others

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Notes on name engraving

Please note that if there is no engraving character in the remarks column when ordering, we may judge that there is no engraving.
If engraving is not required, please indicate so in the remarks column.


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