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kigumi cutlery case

kigumi cutlery case

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Item number: prsm0524

kigumi "cutlery case"

3,800 yen

With open storage,
Make your meal more enjoyable.

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A cutlery case accented with a stylish handle on a case with the warmth of natural wood (cypress).
Just put it on the table to create a gentle and natural atmosphere.
In addition, the transparent and beautiful acrylic lid adds a sense of luxury to the usual dining table.

Highly transparent acrylic is used for the lid.
The light reflected on the acrylic surface sparkles and makes the table even more beautiful.

The case is made of natural Japanese cypress.
Each carefully crafted case is hand-finished by Japanese craftsmen with beautiful details.
You can feel the warmth of people, and it is an eco-friendly product that can contribute to the SDGs in consideration of Japan's forest environment.

Cutlery such as chopsticks and spoons is something that you always want to keep on the dining table, but if you leave it out, it will get dusty and dirty, and you are worried about hygiene.
The kigumi cutlery case comes with a lid, so you can use it with peace of mind in terms of hygiene by preventing dust and dirt.

A cutlery case with a transparent lid for easy viewing of the contents.
You can check the cutlery you put in without opening the lid.
After sitting at the table, you may be able to get rid of the hassle of getting up again to get it.


Storage that can be used as it is when eating.

By placing a natural wooden cutlery case on the table, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a small cafe space.

Since it is something you use every day, I would be happy if I could help you enjoy your meal at your leisure, leading to a reduction in the time it takes to serve food.

kigumi special page

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Product name

kigumi "cutlery case"


Width: 27cm
Depth: 8.5cm
Height: 8.3cm




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