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kigumi Obon showcase S size

kigumi Obon showcase S size

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kigumi "Bon de showcase S size"

9,000 yen

Impressed to see. Impressed by eating.
Add a special touch to your tea time.

From the "kigumi showcase", which is popular for display in cafes and restaurants,
Introducing a new concept tray that allows you to carry the showcase as it is!
There are more cafe shops than convenience stores nationwide.
It goes without saying that food and coffee are delicious, but it is also very important to show originality (differentiation) in areas other than food, such as stores and interiors.

An eye-catching showcase made of warm natural wood and acrylic.
Acrylic reflects light and makes the inside of the showcase beautiful and even more attractive.
We can expect that such an eye-catching production effect will play a role in creating opportunities for repeat customers.

A warm showcase that uses natural wood accents in an inorganic image acrylic case. The natural atmosphere not found in other showcases enhances the space.

Highly transparent acrylic is used for the lid. The light reflected on the surface of the acrylic glitters and shines, making the inside of the showcase even more beautiful.

The plate is made of Japanese natural wood (cypress) for a luxurious look! The natural texture of natural wood and the engraving of kigumi give it a more stylish impression.

A showcase that can be carried with the acrylic cover on.
You may be able to create a production that will make the customer go "Wow!" when it is brought in front of them.
Not only is the acrylic cover lightweight and easy for women to carry, but it also allows you to write messages and menus with an acrylic pen, making it ideal not only as a tray but also for display.

By putting a slit in the bottom of the cover, it reduces wobble when carrying. In addition, it is made of acrylic and is lightweight, so even women can easily serve it.

When eating, we start by visually judging things such as “beautiful” or “appetizing” based on “appearance”.
The display case can be viewed 360 degrees from the obon, so not only can the food and drinks look even more delicious from any angle, but you can also enjoy the playfulness of opening them with excitement.

The same series of showcases that have been chosen by many cafes and restaurants since the start of sales can make the products in the showcases look more attractive. In addition to displaying daily menus at cafes and restaurants, it is also ideal as a showcase for sweets at bakeries and pastry shops!


A showcase that can be used in a wide range of ways that you can't find anywhere else.
The simple design makes it easy to match with various dishes and sweets, and you can arrange it freely.
You can enjoy the deliciousness even more by devising ways to enjoy it with your eyes.
Would you like to make tea time a special time with a special production?

Click here for the Obon de showcase series▼▼▼▼

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Product name

kigumi "Bon de showcase S size"

Notice of price revision

From July 1, 2022, we will revise the price due to soaring material prices. It's a bargain until the end of June.


Width: 33cm
Depth: 17.5cm
Height: 22.5cm




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