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kigumi recommendation plate M size

kigumi recommendation plate M size

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Item number: prsm0544

kigumi "Recommendation plate M size"

3,000 yen

I just want to reach out.
Eye-catching 3D display

A wooden plate that can appeal recommended products with a stylish design.
We recommend popular products on behalf of our staff. Among many products, new products and recommended products tend to be buried.
Just by placing a message plate, it becomes an eye-catching display and can be expected to have the effect of boosting customer shopping.

showcase series

A POP display that directly appeals to prospective customers.

Just by putting it on the product you want to recommend, it may be a trigger to attract more customers' eyes and stimulate their desire to buy.

In addition, by using POP that matches the image of the store, the interior will have a sense of unity, which is effective in creating the atmosphere of the store.

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Product Details

Product name

kigumi "recommendation plate M size"


short: width 9.7 x height 1.8 x depth 1.8 cm
wide: width 15.7 x height 3 x depth 2.2 cm


short: 20g
wide: 40g



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