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kigumi computer cooling stand

kigumi computer cooling stand

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kigumi "laptop/tablet stand"

3,600 yen

Notebook computer ECO heat countermeasures

This is the TOP image of "Laptop/Tablet Stand".

Make the lifestyle of "Laptop/Tablet Stand" fashionable.

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It is caused by the thermal runaway of "laptop/tablet stand".

This is the point of the laptop/tablet stand.

It has a simple structure that allows heat to escape from the laptop/tablet stand.

Laptops, which tend to generate heat, quickly become overheated when used for long periods of time or in the summer.
The back of a laptop computer usually has an exhaust port for cooling.

This is the heat dissipation structure of the laptop/tablet stand.

With Kigumi's cooling table, a space is created between the table and the bottom of the computer to improve ventilation and allow air to circulate.

The thermal conductivity of the laptop/tablet stand is low.

Unlike a general mechanical cooling table, it is very eco-friendly because it does not require a power supply.
Kigumi's stand prevents heat from accumulating with air circulation, so there is no need to worry about increased power consumption as the cooling fan is always running to keep the computer from overheating.
In addition, there is no operating noise from the fan or motor of the mechanical cooling stand, so you can use it safely even in a quiet place.

It is a material that does not get hot easily for the laptop/tablet stand.

It is a simple natural wood of "laptop tablet stand".

Simple and familiar design, blends naturally into any place. Also, when not in use, it can be put away quickly, so it is easy to use.
Domestic craftsmen are carefully handcrafted one by one and produced in domestic factories.

It is a natural cypress of "laptop tablet stand".

Unlike mechanical cooling stands, wooden products blend in with the interior of any room and create a warm space.
You can expect a little healing effect while working at your desk or working on your computer.
In addition, it is an eco product that can contribute to the SDGs that takes into consideration the Japanese forest environment using domestic cypress.

It is the size details of "laptop tablet stand".

This is the color of "Laptop/Tablet Stand".

You can see how to take care of it here. >>>

Nowadays, people use laptop computers for a long time even at home or in the office.

If your computer is not working properly, you may find yourself in trouble because your work will not proceed as expected.

By taking appropriate measures against thermal runaway before such a big problem occurs, you can create a safe working environment.

Why don't you incorporate a computer stand to use your precious laptop more comfortably in your life?

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kigumi "laptop/tablet stand"


S size: W20 x D11 x H2.2 () M size: W30 x D20 x H2.2 () L size: W35 x D23.5 x H2.2 ()




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