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kigumi fridge banana case

kigumi fridge banana case

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Item number: prsm0552

kigumi "banana case for refrigerator"

5,500 yen

Bananas last a long time

This is the TOP image of "Banana Case for Refrigerator".

Are you worried about storing perishable bananas?

Bananas stored at room temperature will quickly turn black. Refrigerator banana case keeps freshness without changing color.

Before and after of "Banana Case for Refrigerator".

Refrigerator banana case keeps freshness for a long time

[Used by person in charge for 18 days]

It is 18 days of "banana case for refrigerator".

As a result, the taste remains the same even after 18 days.

*Varies depending on the freshness of the banana at the time of purchase and storage conditions.

It's slim so it doesn't take up much space

It is a slim version of the Banana Case for Refrigerator.

Transparent so you can see inside

The "Banana Case for Refrigerator" is clear so you can see the contents.

It is easy to open and close the "Banana Case for Refrigerator".

[Estimate] The size is about 5 general bunches.

It is the size of a "fridge banana case".

It is the color of "banana case for refrigerator".

It is an image of "banana case for refrigerator".

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keep bananas fresh

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Product Details

Product name

kigumi "banana case for refrigerator"


Width: 24cm
Depth: 8.6cm
Height: 15.5cm
Inside dimension height 13.3cm




Hinoki Acrylic Others

Country of origin


Description of item

Bananas are rich in nutrients for health and beauty, but it's hard to eat a bunch of bananas before they turn black. It is a refrigerator banana case that keeps such perishable bananas fresh for a long time. Bananas grown in southern countries suffer from chilling injury when placed in the refrigerator, causing the skin to turn black. If you put it in a refrigerator banana case, you can suppress ripening and delay damage. Banana deliciousness = sourness x sweetness balance and quality. If you store it in the refrigerator so that the sourness does not disappear with additional heat and the sweetness does not become strong, you can keep the taste. In addition, it is slim so it can be stored without taking up space in the cabinet.

About handmade products

This product is handmade one by one. Please note that as long as it does not interfere with normal use, it will be considered a non-defective product and will not be eligible for returns or exchanges.

Because of natural wood, there are individual differences such as scratches and dents.

Since this product uses natural wood, there may be differences in color and wood grain appearance depending on the product, and there may be unique spots or cracks. Please note that we cannot accept exchanges or returns due to differences in the image due to individual differences.


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